Consulting for Companies

Definition of Consulting: The client brings a question or concern and receives direct answers and specific recommendations based on consultation and expertise, receiving a solution.

Authentic from the very beginning

New young companies and start-ups that want to offer their employees a fair and authentic environment from the beginning, where they can contribute willingly and stay with the company for longer.

Fit for the Future

Established companies that want to become future-proof, reduce high turnover rates, build or improve their employer branding and establish themselves as an attractive, forward-thinking, and modern employer.

Reflexion und Sparring

Entrepreneurs who desire a trustworthy, confidential sparring partner on an equal footing to support them in reflecting on their entrepreneurial daily life and help identify suitable strategies and answers for the company and the entrepreneur’s personality.

Building up Succession

Companies that want to develop successor candidates for current leaders.

Further typical challenges and topics I support my clients with: 

  • Questions and issues related to team and project development 
  • Employer branding 
  • Development of new processes and integration of new work models 
  • Improvement of company culture and work climate 
  • Strategy and processes regarding employee satisfaction 
  • Sparring partner for founders and start-ups regarding crucial and strategic decisions 
  • Conflict resolution for teams 
  • Establishing psychological safety in the company 
  • Recognizing hidden company culture and implementing new structures to achieve the desired company culture 
  • Building or strengthening team cohesion 
  • Integration of new teams after M&A or restructuring 
  • The next growth phase of the company requires delegating responsibility and trust, but how

What can be possible outcomes?

  • Improved employer branding with a highly positive reputation in the market
  • Lower turnover rates compared to the industry average
  • High number of job applications as new and young talents are attracted to a modern company leadership and a positive work environment
  • Clear identification and development of strategies, structures, and action options for the company
  • Sustainable process structures
  • Living Corporate Values, Not Just Hanging on the Wall: Ensuring that company values are actively practiced and integrated into daily operations and decision-making processes, going beyond mere symbolic display.

This is just a selection, and you may have something completely different that you want to work on. Perhaps you are not yet sure what your specific challenges are, and that’s perfectly okay. We will discover it together. Get in touch, and we will discuss it together and determine if we are a good fit as coach and coachee or if I can assist you more intensively as a consultant.

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