Individuals with People Responsibility

Definition of Coaching: The client comes with a question or concern and receives help for self-improvement, not solutions. A coach accompanies and supports them through targeted questioning to reflect, abstract, and implement, enabling them to develop their own solutions.

You want to advance your career and the only way is to taking on responsibility for personnel and become a leader. You wonder if you even want that and how it could be possible. Or you have someone on your team whom you see as a future leader and want to prepare them for it. You want to understand if the person sees it the same way and if they will be motivated enough to undergo intensive further training.

You are questioning what kind of leader you want to be. How are you currently perceived as a leader; how do others see you? Which leadership style is authentic to you, what suits you, and how does it align with the existing style in your company?

You’re wondering what leadership in everyday life entails, right? How should I go about it, and what exactly should I do? How do I conduct regular employee meetings, annual reviews, salary negotiations, discussions about issues, etc.? How do I assign tasks, what do I say, to whom, and when? How do I respond to dissatisfaction, doubts, work resistance, requests for personal development, and the sharing of confidential personal matters by employees, and so on? How do I build trust within the team?

You are already a leader and/or an HR professional working in the HR department, and you often have to conduct termination conversations, informing employees that they are being laid off. It simply is part of your job, and you want to handle these difficult conversations as fairly and respectfully as possible, professionally and on an equal footing, but also in an authentic manner.

You had to let employees go. Now you want to alleviate the remaining employees’ fears, rebuild or establish psychological safety, and do so in an authentic way that aligns with your values.

Further typical challenges and topics I support my clients with:

  • Developing emotional leadership competence 
  • Conflict management within and between teams 
  • Communication problems, recognizing and applying different styles 
  • Avoiding unpleasant tasks and conversations as an HR professional 
  • Authentically resolving the dehumanization in the separation process 
  • Improving work-life balance 
  • Specific support for women in leadership positions 
  • Recognizing and dealing with overwork and exhaustion within the team 
  • Goal achievement 
  • Transition from team member to team leader, executive 
  • Mental fitness for myself and my team 
  • Discrepancy between how I want to act as a leader and how I am perceived 

What can be possible outcomes of a coaching with me?

  • Personal development as a human being, as an employee, and as a leader within a company
  • Authentic interaction with oneself, with the remaining and departing employees, incorporating and recognizing all the different values and attitudes, thereby creating a more humane professional environment for everyone
  • Development as a leader, particularly with personnel responsibility, to be remembered as a positive role model by employees, who will then act in the same way in the future
  • Improving individual and team performance

This is just a selection, and you may have something completely different that you want to work on. Maybe, you don’t even know exactly what your issues are yet, and that’s completely okay. We will find out together. Get in touch, and we will discuss it together and determine if we are a good fit as coach and coachee.

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