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My coaching approach incorporates a variety of scientifically grounded methods based on the Co-Active® Coaching Method, Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Business Psychology, the Systemic Approach, and many others.
I am a member of the largest international association of coaches, the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and adhere to their strict ethical guidelines.

As a coach, I do not dictate solutions or provide absolute answers to problems. Instead, I help you discover and explore doors that were previously unseen, uncover blind spots, and either let go of baggage or carry it in a valuable experience as you move forward in your individual life. Everyone has different paths, different ways of dealing with situations, people, and ultimately, life. Together, we will broaden your perspective, uncover the best next steps, and initiate action. The actual implementation and practical steps, however, are up to you. I will support you mentally and emotionally throughout the process.

As a consultant or sparring partner, I will help you grasp and understand the current situation, align it with your company’s goals. We will identify discrepancies, highlight areas for development, delve into the root causes, and develop various measures to move your business in the desired direction. I will clearly indicate where something is mere symptomatic treatment and where you will see real progress. Here, too, I will be candid, explaining the analysis, presenting various courses of action with their corresponding consequences, and giving you the opportunity to make an informed decision. Your decision, tailored to you, will be the right one because it is your company, your responsibility.

My Values 

Confidentiality, honesty, humanity, directness, clarity, and professionalism are principles I uphold. I value the protection of my clients’ data as much as my own. I address matters directly and clearly with empathy when I consider it essential. I am a compassionate individual and provide my clients with the trusting space they need—I am there for them and their emotions. However, I will not enable suffering, as it is not helpful, especially in a coaching process. You can expect me to act warm and understanding, while also provoking you, for example, to assist with focus.

Coaching is indeed a challenging process for all parties involved when approached with genuine intent and a desire to change the current situation. Therefore, it will only work if there is a true willingness to expand your perspective, potentially explore new paths, and, above all, work on yourself. Coupled with trust in our coach-coachee relationship, this forms the basis of our collaboration.

We will explore this trust in an initial free session and, if our interpersonal chemistry aligns, further develop it in subsequent sessions. Ultimately, we are not machines or artificial intelligence—we are human beings. And that is what every coaching process revolves around: real, authentic individuals.

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