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Definition of Coaching: The client comes with a question or concern and receives help for self-improvement, not solutions. A coach accompanies and supports them through targeted questioning to reflect, abstract, and implement, enabling them to develop their own solutions.

You somehow have the feeling, or maybe you are even told by others, that you are standing in your own way. It’s like something or someone always gets in the way, especially when you want to do something that’s important to you or the way you want to do it. Then you get angry with yourself or others around you and no matter what you do, somehow nothing changes. You go on and on and on… faster and faster, you have already changed your behaviour, you deal with situations differently, you work on yourself. But nothing changes the way you had hoped it would at least as a minimum.

You are undecided whether you should leave the company. You’re torn, the job market looks good, actually, or you’ve been dreaming of starting your own business for a while, or you’d really like to take some time off to travel… . There are so many points in favour and against.

You have resigned yourself and now you are experiencing a kind of “dehumanisation” in the work environment. In other words, you feel marginalized, your opinion is no longer important. It feels like you are being erased, even though you have always been loyal and committed. And, you are still live, still working. You don’t want to take it so personally. What areas can you personally improve upon, particularly in your interactions with others? How can you conclude respectfully, bid farewell, and leave doors open?

You are affected by passive dismissal because you have been dismissed. You are shocked. Maybe it was just a short period of time, or you have been employed in the company for a long time, and “long” refers to your perception, which could be 2 years or 20 years. You don’t understand how one can be like this, especially to loyal employees. After all the time you have been so involved and committed. And it annoys you enormously that it annoys you.

Do others, or even yourself, regularly push the limits of your patience and understanding? Do you struggle with handling conflicts and building positive relationships with others? Are self-doubt and negative emotions constantly nagging at you? Does it frustrate you when you fail to achieve your self-set goals and aspirations? Do you experience frequent stress, even in everyday situations, over minor things or when dealing with other people?

Further typical challenges and topics I support my clients with:

  • An unexpected dismissal and how to deal with it
  • Fear of one’s own courage, what will others say, professionally and privately?
  • Is it worth fighting for the job and how, even in court?
  • Leave or stay
  • Professional reorientation
  • Demotivation at work, increasing listlessness in everyday life
  • Recognising, stopping and transforming self-sabotage
  • Developing a mindset and an inner attitude that feels really good
  • Strengthening self-confidence, understanding and overcoming mental blocks
  • Learning to recognise and set your own boundaries
  • Develop a vision for your professional and/or private life
  • Crises of meaning
  • Making decisions professionally and privately
  • Learning empathy
  • Dealing with conflicts professionally and privately
  • Letting go of negative habits and harmful learned behaviors
  • Development of social competence (self-confident communication, authentic appearance, etc.)
  • Mental fitness, dealing with stress, pressure, expectations or even exhaustion
  • Retirement, pension or simply a lot of free time and nothing to do, what now?

What can be possible outcomes of a coaching with me?

  • Dealing with and overcoming a personal crisis
  • Personal development
  • Improving interpersonal relationships
  • Finding a new direction
  • Creating a package of measures for potential future situations
  • Making confident decisions in professional and personal life
  • Learning and applying empathy
  • Improving handling of conflicts in professional and personal settings
  • Recognizing, accepting, and living an authentic self
  • Developing a more positive mindset for an easier life
  • Reducing stress
  • Better management of negative emotions
  • Increased perseverance and motivation
  • Strengthened self-esteem and overcoming self-doubt
  • Achieving goals more effectively

This is only a selection and you may have something else you would like to work on in coaching. Or maybe you don’t know exactly what your issues are. This is also perfectly fine, we will find out together. Get in touch and we will discuss this together and also find out whether we fit together as coach and coachee.

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